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Adult Pre-GMAT Tutoring

The GMAT is the exam that college graduates take as part of the process of applying to graduate business schools. While Jennifer tutors for the GMAT exclusively through Manhattan GMAT, HappyPrep offers tutoring in algebra, arithmetic, statistics, geometry, word problems, fractions, ratios, percents and more for students who need a refresher of high school-level math before beginning high-level preparation for the GMAT. HappyPrep has three talented tutors for this purpose, all of whom are highly qualified Ivy Legaue graduates who are deeply enthusiastic about helping adult students master math.

Download our Information Sheet about Pre-GMAT Tutoring.

Visit to learn more about the GMAT. If pre-GMAT tutoring is not required and you'd like to prepare for the GMAT immediately via a class or private tutoring with Jennifer or one of many other 99th-percentile-scoring teachers, go directly to Manhattan GMAT.


The ACT is a college admissions exam sometimes considered an alternative to the SAT. The ACT, which is administered four to six times per year depending on the state, is composed of four multiple choice sections: English, math, reading, and science reasoning. Recently, an optional writing section was added to the test.

The ACT is rapidly gaining in popularity, as many colleges accept the ACT in place of not only the SAT, but also the SAT Subject Tests (that is, a student can take one test instead of three or four).

Some test-takers feel the ACT is more like a test in school and less laden with traps and tricks.

Visit the ACT website to learn more about the test.

SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are one-hour multiple choice standardized exams often taken by students in addition to the SAT or ACT before applying to colleges and universities. Students can select from twenty different subjects in which to test. Up to three subject tests may be taken on one test date. Subject tests are administered six times per year.

Most competitive colleges require two SAT Subject Tests, one of which is usually math, and the other of which is a student's choice. A few colleges require three Subject Tests. Less-competitive colleges tend not to require these exams at all.

Visit the College Board to learn more about the SAT Subject Tests and to register for the test(s).

AP Exams

AP Exams are intended to be college-level tests that generally follow a full year of study in an AP-level class at the student's school. There are 37 AP exams across 22 subjects. Many of the exams require extensive, sophisticated essay writing. The exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best.

Some colleges offer credit for AP exams, but in this era of increasingly competitive college admissions, the best colleges offer credit only for perfect scores on a few of the most difficult exams (such as Calculus BC). Instead, the exams are an important part of simply being admitted. Students applying to top colleges generally apply with at least three AP classes and exams under their belts.

Visit the College Board's AP Exam page to learn more about the AP Exams. Enrollment in the exams is through the student's school.

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