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Welcome to HappyPrep! Can we be hardcore about test prep while also having fun? Of course! What could be better on a Saturday night than determining the sum of the diagonals of the faces of a cube with a volume of 125 (30 root 2), or memorizing the meaning of the word "sesquipedalian" (given to using long words)?

HappyPrep is the brainchild of Jennifer Dziura, an Ivy League graduate and holder of perfect SAT and GRE scores (and a 780 on the GMAT).

Jennifer has taught and tutored over 2,000 students and written and edited portions of test prep books available at Barnes and Noble. She has taught for major national test prep companies, in public and private schools, and for an intensive Korean hagwon. She has over a decade of experience helping students succeed (without stressing out too much).

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Comments from high school students Jennifer has tutored:

"Jennifer! I got a 2090 on my June SATs!!! 650 Math, 660 CR, 780 Writing!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help! I went up 160 points: math the same, 30 points in CR, 130 points in Writing. I am so happy with these scores and I owed a lot of it to you, again thank you so much. You were a great help! Thanks again!

Junior, Greenwich High School

I just looked at my scores from the October SATs and I can't believe it!! I got a 740 / 680 / 750 and a 12 on my essay for a total of 2170!!! At the beginning of the summer I never imagined I could achieve a score like this, thank you so much for everything, I could not have done it without you!"

Senior, United Nations International School

"I want to thank you a billion times over for tutoring me for the SAT I last year because I'm sure it helped me in the college admission process and it made me much less of an inefficient, thick-headed person...I got into Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, UPenn, Williams, Georgetown, UChicago, NYU Honors and a few others. As of now I am officially a Dartmouth '13! I just sent in my letter of intent last week."

Great Neck South High School graduate, now a freshman at Dartmouth

"Jennifer Dziura first tutored me for the SHSAT (NYC's specialized high school admission test) when I was in 9th grade, and had decided to go to a different school for my sophomore year. After a tutoring session with her, I went into the test feeling calm and secure, and I was able to gain admission to Stuyvesant, my top choice, even though only approximately thirty students could be admitted into the class in sophomore year. Several years later, I decided I wanted tutoring to prepare for the SAT, and I went straight to Jennifer. With her help, I was able to bring up my score significantly. My PSATs score provided a projection of a 2200 score on my SAT, as did my early practice tests. When I took the SATs after several months of tutoring, I received a 2330, with an 760 in Writing, a 770 in Math, and an 800 in Critical Reading. Jennifer Dziura is an excellent tutor. With both an excellent understanding of all the strategies, tricks, and concepts involved throughout the SATs, and a brilliance in explaining them, she is able to masterfully prepare students for anything that may appear on the SAT exam."

Dalton graduate, now a freshman at Yale

Comments from high school students Jennifer has tutored:

"Jennifer! I got a 2090 on my June SATs!!! 650 Math, 660 CR, 780 Writing!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help! I went up 160 points: math the same, 30 points in CR, 130 points in Writing. I am so happy with these scores and I owed a lot of it to you, again thank you so much. You were a great help! Thanks again! - Junior, Greenwich High School"

Comments from middle school students Jennifer has tutored:

"Thank you SO much for tutoring me all these weeks for the TACHS. A lot of the material we worked on was on the test, and I got it done really quickly. It turns out that the tutoring sessions that I took at my school didn't really help. So I'm really glad you helped me, thank you again."

8th grader, Epiphany School

Comments from Jennifer's students at Manhattan GMAT:

"Ideas are awesome. Speed math is engaging. Very structured and organized explanations."

" Jennifer keeps you on your toes. She starts the class explaining how you have to think really fast on the GMAT and how she will speak really fast to keep us in that mindset and she's not kidding! This is great because she's just very inspiring and challenging but at the same time provides great explanations and makes sure everyone leaves the class understanding the answers and the process/strategies to get to them."

" She's very enthusiastic and smart. She can make up alternative examples really easily, which is helpful when the standard answer/question is confusing. I also like that she would email us outside of class with tips/reminders."

" Jennifer is extremely lively, which is important in a 3 hour class. She also makes sure that everyone understands the answers before moving on; you almost feel like you're receiving individual tutoring."

"When I'm terrified on planes (i.e. always) I look to flight attendents who seem calm. When I am terrified during math section (i.e. always) I look to Jen who's relaxed, jovial, unburdened by intimidating problems."

" One of the best teachers (in any subject at any level) I've had."

"As a venture capital investor I am often confronted with concepts that are very complex, yet need to be communicated in a way that people from a variety of backgrounds can understand. I have to say that in this area Jen is well above the majority of the people I have encountered.

"Jen was VERY engaging and knowledgeable. She was enthusiastic about the material, and I felt that she really wanted us to succeed. She was funny too!"

"Very knowledgeable. I greatly appreciated her ability to provide real life examples for all difficult topics. She was also consistently enthusiastic and very approachable for questions."

"Jennifer was extremely energetic and was intent on making sure each student understood each subject and question before moving on.

"Jennifer kept our attention on the GMAT for the entire three hours. Very focused. It made me be focused also."

"Jen regularly showed up to class with a real energy and enthusiasm for material that is generally difficult to sit through (for three hours no less)."

"She has a great level of enthusiasm."

"[Jennifer] was high energy and able to keep my attention throughout the 3 hour period. [She] was able to easily break down a problem and explain it in a simpler way."

"Jen was able to always come up with helpful and specific examples to better illustrate GMAT rules and scenarios."

"Ability to make the incredibly dull very interesting. Very engaging with all members of the class."

"Lots of energy. Explains difficult concepts well."

"Approachable, friendly, funny."

"She is extremely smart and is good at presenting the material."

"Very strong at both verbal and quant. Very funny, which made the class much less boring."

"She was able to give multiple examples of a problem and/or counterexamples on the spot in order to explain why an answer was correct or incorrect."

"Does a great job providing examples that help to answer questions asked by the class."

"Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and is very engaging.  She is very enthusiastic, but at the same time brings a dry sense of humor to the table, which I enjoy."

"Jen really helped me to understand a lot of the material and she is very receptive to questions."

"Jennifer is engaging, smart, prepared, and approachable. She communicates in a way that encourages participation. She forces your attention with a high paced schedule and is able to move at such a speed because she knows the material and comes prepared to teach. Jennifer is genuinely concerned that everyone in the class is on the same page. Always willing to give more help."

"Only course in NYC worth taking."

"She is the utmost professional instructor I have ever seen or been exposed to in my studies."

"High energy and humor -- loved the wit and enthusiasm. Jen always provided little extras, like her math worksheets. Jen was very encouraging and pushed the students to stay on course as we worked through large amounts of info. Jen was aware of her students' needs and took time to point out ways to improve test results."

"She is arguably the best teacher I've ever had, at any level, in any subject.

"I took the test today and got a 770! I am really excited. Thank you so much for everything! The class was fantastic."

"Good news - I gave my GMAT this morning and got a 780. Thank you very much for all your help."

"Jen does a great job of really dissecting the problem and what we need to pay attention to when trying to narrow down answer choices. She has a solid understanding of the verbal and math content as demonstrated by her ability to quickly offer a simplified examples of the question at hand."

"Jen's energy is very good. It's very important for me in picking instructors. I like how she takes time to stop and involve students to work through issues."

"Jen is very engaging and enthusiastic about the material. She relates the explanations to real life examples, making them easier to decode and understand."

"Jen clearly knows the content of the program but she is also an excellent educator. It is evident she is devoted to her profession and shows that passion in every class."

New York, New York
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