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HappyPrep offers private tutoring for the SAT, ACT, SHSAT, SSAT, ISEE, TACHS, and many SAT Subject Tests and AP exams, and small group classes for some SAT Subject Tests.

Many test-prep companies try to sell you on a one-size-fits all approach to test prep, usually in the form of an eight-session class geared towards the lowest scorers in the room. HappyPrep founder Jennifer Dziura used to teach for one of these companies (she also did research and development for that company, and even appeared in an MSNBC news segment about the company's approach to the new SAT essay section). She was often dismayed, however, that the eight sessions were never enough time to master anything, and the curriculum relied on "tricks" that are no longer effective on modern versions of the test.

After teaching for a year in an intensive Korean-American hagwon, or study academy, however, Jennifer's eyes were opened to another method of test teaching -- one involving years of preparation for the SAT, allowing real academic material to be not just practiced, but mastered. Hagwon students attended SAT class full-time in the summer (six hours, Monday through Friday) and took a full-length practice test each week. During that time, many students who had been speaking English for only a handful of years developed massive English vocabularies, learned to read college-level English, and achieved stunning improvements in essay writing. Of course, some consider this level of dedication impractical.

HappyPrep thinks the real truth is somewhere in between. And it's different for each student. Think of it like learning Spanish. How long does it take to learn Spanish? Well, that depends -- not just on your ability, but on whether you need to learn enough Spanish to go on vacation, to attend university in Latin America, or to become a Spanish-language poet; the time required could easily range from "a few hours" to "a lifetime." For the SAT, the questions are: What score do you need? Where do you want to apply to college? What are your goals? What other academic commitments do you have, and how can we strategically prioritize your time to best achieve those goals?

In keeping with our tailored approach, some of our students leave their weekly sessions with thirty minutes of homework, some with eight hours of homework. We work for you. If you need to spend your time keeping your GPA up, we respect that; if you want to maximize the money spent on tutoring, we will assign as much homework as you can reasonably complete, so that you can come in with specific questions on material you have not yet mastered.

Mastery is possible in all things.

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